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About The WCEDP

Serving the Waller County Community Since 2002

The Waller County Economic Development Partnership was incorporated in February of 2002, the result of several years of hard work by various community leaders. We are a Texas non-profit corporation. The primary purpose of the WCEDP is to facilitate positive growth within the Waller County area. This is expressed in our mission statement:

Specifically, the WCEDP works with existing business and those wanting to move into the county. Our services range from helping to create business plans to working with prospects moving into the area. As we continue to grow our services will also include support for economic development through GIS, web, and marketing collateral.

The organization is comprised of an appointed board of directors with members representing the county commissioners and county judge, each chamber of commerce, each local economic development group within the county, and Prairie View A&M University.

As a Texas non-profit corporation, our services are free. The WCEDP contracts with Waller County to provide economic development services to the community. We foster cooperation within the county by including all communities with an economic development program or that are interested in providing economic development services to their community.

In addition, private enterprise can join the WCEDP through Associate Memberships. Membership includes free access to all of our nonproprietary GIS information, project information, partner networking meetings, and annual public events. Trustee Memberships are also available. In addition to the associate level benefits, Trustee Members are featured on our web site and are given the option to serve on the board with the availability to serve on the executive board. We believe that effective economic development is a partnership between the public and private sectors. Contact us for details.


The WCEDP is organized to operate a charitable service center to foster increased, environmentally balanced business commerce, positive growth, and overall cooperation and coordination for all communities throughout Waller County, Texas.


Our vision is to build a vibrant and strong local economy by retaining and attracting top companies that will provide good jobs while respecting the environment.  We believe a good quality of life, however you wish to enjoy it, starts with a good job.


As a rural community with a strong Texas heritage, we value hard work, integrity, service, family, and respect for one another.  These values have served us well over the years and creates a strong sense of community from one generation to the next.


If you are interested in joining the WCEDP, contact us at 979-921-9059. You can also download a membership application here. We will be happy to meet with you to discuss our group and answer any questions you may have.

A Brief History

  • The WCEDP Is Formed

    Februray 2002

    With start-up funding from Waller County, the group was incorporated and a board of directors selected from various community and economic development organizations.

    With no offices, board members met at various locations around the county, a tradition that continues today. In the first year, the organization began to build the board, completed the first set of bylaws, and began the search for an executive director.

  • Director Selected, Office Opened, & Planning Started

    July 2003

    2003 was a busy year. It included opening the offices, developing a strategic plan, and refining the organizations structure and processes.

    After an extended search was unsuccessful, the board selected local business man and former Waller Area Chamber of Commerce president, Vince Yokom, to lead the organization. He continues as the director.

  • First Partner Joined

    May 2005

    Once the core processes and organizational structure was functioning well, the organization extended invitations for private companies to join the WCEDP. Local resident Bill Fendley, of Cobb Fendley Engineering, was the first to join. This strategy was two-fold. First, it helped generate additional revenues needed to grow the organization. Secondly, by getting private industry involved, it extended the capacity of the organization by bringing in expertise in engineering, legal, real estate, construction, and more.


  • Waller County Day in Austin Started

    February 2007

    In 2007 the WCEDP organized the first Waller County Day in Austin. The purpose was to begin building relationships with our state officials and to allow citizens the opportunity to learn more about our legislative process.

    Since the first event, over 250 people have traveled with us. This includes many high school seniors and local elected officials.

  • Started Annual State of the County Luncheon

    October 2008

    This was the first attempt to create a platform for the county judge to provide a public update and annual review on county activities. The goal was to allow partners and the community the opportunity to meet with their elected officials in a relaxed setting.

    In 2017 we will celebrate our tenth year in producing the Sate of the County Luncheon. Through the years it has featured three county judges and has attracted state and federal elected officials and their representatives. It's been a great opportunity for the community to mingle and meet their elected leaders.

  • Won First Award for Excellence in Economic Development

    October 2013

    2013 was a great year for program recognition. Each year the Texas Economic Development Council (TEDC) holds an award competition for projects showing excellence in economic development. Founded in 1961, the TEDC is the primary state organization for supporting economic development organizations.

    The WCEDP went on to also win in 2015. The awards are highly competitive. They are divided into population groups and each year only five organizations win. This is a very prestigious award.