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Business Support Services

Keeping a strong local business base is crucial to a sustainable local economy.  To help keep our local companies strong, we work closely with local companies looking to expand, or may need assistance with solving specific problems.  Over the years we have found that the two most common types of issues facing business are workforce and profitability.  To help bring solutions to Waller County businesses, we have teamed up with three organizations specifically suited to help with these two major issues.  For workforce related support, we partner with the Texas Engineering Extension Services at Texas A&M (TEEX) and Workforce Solutions.  These two partners help provide training and funding for training current and new employees.

For helping companies achieve more profitability, we have teamed up with the Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center (TMAC) and the Industrial Assessment Center at Texas A&M.  TMAC provides assistance with optimizing processes and efficiencies. Their expert staff includes years of industry experience.  The Industrial Assessment Center is supported through the Department of Energy provides analysis to help companies identify ways to reduce energy costs.

Increase Efficiencies and Profitability

Process & supply chain consulting

Energy analysis & consulting


Increase profitability through increased manufacturing or business processes.


Reduce energy costs to enhance machine service life and increase profitability.

Supply Chain

Gain a better understanding of managing your supply chain.

Workforce Support

One of the biggest challenges for business is maintaining a qualified workforce. While this task can be daunting, we have partnerships with several groups that can help you. Our partners can provide everything you need to keep your employees well trained, safe, and productive.

  • Skills Development
  • Workforce Solutions
  • On-the-job Training Support
  • Registered Apprenticeship

TEEX is a world-recognized leader in skills development. They can provide custom training solutions to help keep your workforce ready and productive. And, if you need help getting funding for your training, they can assist you by applying for a skills development grant.

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