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Construction & Permitting

Construction & Permitting

Building in Waller County

All permitting in the unincorporated areas is handled through the Waller County Engineer's Office. Please call them at 979-826-7670.

VERY IMPORTANT! If you plan on applying for incentives for a new facility or an expansion of an existing one, don't start construction before you contact us. For more information on qualifying for tax abatements, go to the Local Incentives page.

Although the construction process in Waller County is very friendly, there are still some things you need to know. To help you plan your project in Waller County we have provided a brochure with the main items to consider when planning a development or project and some information on economic incentives for qualifying businesses.

Key Offices

County Engineer
All of the required permits for building in the unincorporated areas of the County are handled by the Engineer's Office. To help you through the process, they have regularly scheduled meetings each week.

Visit their website for information

Fire Marshal
In addition, all commercial construction is subject to our fire code regulations. Effective January 1, 2012 Waller County began regulation of a Fire Code (based on the International Fire Code 2009 edition, with local amendments) for all commercial establishments, public buildings, and multi-family residential structures with four or more units. A building may not be occupied until the county issues a final, conditional, or partial certificate of compliance for the building.

Visit the website for details


Building Around the Airport


Before building near the Houston Executive Airport, please review the height and hazard zone. If you have any questions, please contact the airport at 281-945-5000.

Building in the Brookshire Katy Drainage District (BKDD)

If you are planning a project along the Interstate 10 corridor in the south end of the county, you will want to contact the BKDD before starting construction. They oversee all of the drainage permits and set the requirements for the area.  Because of the terrain in that area, you may be required to add drainage capacity for your project. Contact them for details at 281-375-5430, or visit their website.