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Tax Rates & Incentives

Local Tax Rates by Project Area

The table here gives you a quick glance at total tax burden for various locations around the county. This information is provided in good faith. As tax rates may change, we recommend to double check the current tax rates by visiting the Tax Assessor Collector's website.

  ISD ESD 200 Brookshire/Katy Drainage Dist. Waller County Total Unincorprated Rate City Rate Special Districts in Cities Total City Rates
Hempstead ISD / Hempstead 1.38000 0.09950   0.61733 2.09683 0.4358   2.53263
Waller ISD / Waller 1.44000 0.09950   0.61733 2.15683 0.5211   2.67793
Waller ISD / Prairie View 1.44000 0.09950   0.61733 2.15683 0.7305   2.88732
Royal ISD / Brookshire 1.52882 0.09950 0.65100 0.61733 2.89665 0.6400 0.24 3.77665
Katy ISD / Katy 1.51660 0.09950 0.65100 0.61733 2.88443 0.5067   3.39113

The tax table here doesn't include special taxing districts. To check current property tax values, and taxing jurisdictions, on a selected site, visit the Waller County Appraisal District website. While there you can search by property information, such as owner name, or you can choose to use the map-based search feature.


Incentives at a Glance

The WCEDP works closely with existing businesses and those looking to relocate. As incentives can be a deciding factor on a decision to expand or relocate, Waller County will consider incentives for qualifying companies. Each project is reviewed on an individual basis.


For companies interested in seeking assistance with federal programs, like becoming HUB Certified, or SBA loans, visit the Small Business Development Center in Prairie View.


For details on local and state incentives,visit these pages: