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Workforce Training & Executive Education

Each year companies spend millions on training staff and training new hires.  To help reduce this cost the State of Texas and the US Department of Labor have generous programs that can help reduce this cost.  yet, many years much of these training dollars go unused. The WCEDP is partnering with Workforce Solutions and The Texas A&M Engineering Extension Services (TEEX) to bring those training dollars to our community.

Although workforce grants cannot be used for master degrees, if you need executive education, Waller County is home to Prairie View A&M University.  Their accredited business school offers two graduate level business programs. See the Executive Education tab at the bottom of this page for more information.

Registered Apprenticeship Program

The Gulf Coast Workforce Board-Workforce Solutions is ready to get incentives back to employers for hiring pre-apprenticeship and registered apprenticeship trainees. In this program, employers are reimbursed up to 75% of any new hires hourly wages back to a company as long as they participate in a registered apprenticeship program with them. Download benefits brochure here.

This registered apprenticeship incentive provides an embossed certification through the Department of Labor, and builds a structured pipeline for talent. The employers can take advantage of off-setting the cost of new hires, while training them to the specifications the employer needs.

Employers can work with local school districts and their students to build this program.  We are looking for great partners within the community that will take a chance on hiring some of these young adults and giving them not just a job, but a career. Visit the Dept. of Labor FAQ page. If your company offers the following, then you can qualify:

  • Do you have immediate job openings?
  • Does the position pay at least 10.00-12.00/hour?
  • Is there a potential for an increase in wages?
  • Is the opening for 30 hours or more?
  • Does the position offer potential growth?

Texas Governor Greg Abbott discusses the Swiss apprenticeship program in Waller, TX March, 2016 with Burckhardt Compression CEO, Marcel Pawlicek and members of the community.

Enhanced Performance Through Training & Education

Skills Development Fund

The Skills Development Fund is Texas' premier job-training program providing local customized training opportunities for Texas businesses and workers to increase skill levels and wages of the Texas workforce. The Texas Workforce Commission administers funding for the program. Success is achieved through collaboration among businesses, public community and technical colleges, Workforce Development Boards and economic development partners.

Training Partners

Executive Education


If you need training for your executives, Prairie View A&M University provides MBA programs ranging from in-class to online. They also offer a MS in Accounting.

Saving money for training and enhancing performance are key to helping employers create new jobs. By taking advantage of the various programs available today, you can have a better performing workforce while increasing profitability. If you are interested in learning more about these programs, send us an email.